About Us

TALEE (TAH-lee), deriving from the Malay word TALI, meaning ‘rope’, symbolises strength, hope, and the invaluable memories that tie us to the people around us.
More than just a tassel earring, the concept of TALEE was born out of a personal journey I shared with my father that led us to tying nautical knots the last 10 years.
My father was first diagnosed with Hypoxic Brain Injury, resulting in short term memory loss. Knot tying was a form of cognitive therapy that helped in his recovery but also quickly became an avenue for us to heal as a family and connect with the new him. While this experience has been one of immense hardship, it is also one of love and new life, inspiring me to do what I do and shape TALEE into what it is today.
Everyone has a story worth sharing, threaded with both struggle and resilience.  My hope is that those who wear TALEE are reminded to find grace through their own stories. Hold them close and treat them with care; for it is memories like these that give meaning to life, for you and for all those who
share in them with you.
Lorraine Lee 
Founder / Designer