A second chance. 

One principle we hold close to our heart at TALEE is to create and design meaningful works that are made to last, in hopes that they become part of important moments in your lives and carry those memories with them along the way.

Certain jewellery pieces are priceless, not because of their monetary value but because of the emotional ties that are bound to them, whether they were a gift from a loved one, a special find, or a reflection of a significant time.

Some of these pieces, when broken or weathered, can end up at the back of our drawers, no longer wearable but too precious to be thrown away. All they need to find new life is a little fix or a totally new form of experiencing your jewelry pieces again. 

  • Repair Works | RM15 - RM40 per pair

    • Earring post replacement
    • Broken chain (connector) repair
    • Clasp / hook replacement
    • Loose stone / bead restoration

    Redesign Works | RM50 - RM200 per pair

    • Redesign of original stones / beads into earrings
    • Modification of earring length / form 
    • Modification of stone / bead arrangement 
    • Make it wearable - for loose beads, stones or other elements of your jewellery that you would like to have transformed into something more wearable.
    • Here are some of our design transformations // 
      Important note 
      • Please note that we might not be able to reinstate your piece with all its original elements, but we will do our best to find a substitute that best suits the overall design, aesthetic and function. 
      • We currently do not accept high value stones for any repair or redesign works, such as diamonds, rubies, emeralds & sapphires. 
      • Prices displayed vary based on requirements and do not include shipping charges. 

      How does it work? 

      1. First, fill up and submit the enquiry form
      2. Your submission will be processed within 1- 3 business days
      3. You will be contacted by our jewellery expert for further discussion and confirmation of your requests
      4. Once we have confirmation, you will be instructed to ship or drop off your jewellery to our studio in Kota Kinabalu, Sabah
      5. Once received, you will be contacted via email/phone
      6. Our jewellery expert will begin work on the repair / redesign of your jewellery
      7. You will receive updates on progress along the way, with follow-ups on any questions you may have
      8. Once completed, your newly restored earrings will be shipped back to you and an invoice will be sent to you via email, together with a tracking number
      9. Lastly, start making new memories with them!

      If you have any other enquiries or questions on our services, please email us at

       Currently only available for customers residing in Malaysia.


      Meet your jewellery expert.

      Jennifer Chan Lee. ( aka mama Lee

      Jennifer has always been an avid collector of beads, jewels and semi-precious stones but her love for creating earrings and other accessories first began in 2012, born out of a discovery of healing through creativity. Since then, she has formed her own unique style of jewellery making through her passion of recreation and restoration. She has found true joy in breathing new life into old, nearly forgotten jewellery pieces and transforming them into something new and wearable, something that is timeless and that resonates with who she is as a person.