Ties For Hope

For the month of October, we have partnered with National Cancer Society Malaysia (NCSM) to raise funds and spread awareness on early detection and prevention for breast cancer. In line with our mission for Ties For Hope, we will be donating 30% of all sales from the PINK PASSION Collection to NCSM in support of their current initiatives and programs for the community.

While we usually have limited numbered editions for each collection we put out, we will not be limiting numbers for the PINK PASSION collection as we aim to raise as much for NCSM as we possibly can. However, the collection will only be available for sale until the 31st of October, 2020

To learn more about current initiatives and programs by NCSM, please visit their website www.cancer.org.my

Special message : We would like to dedicate this PINK PASSION collection as a badge of honor for those who have walked through their journey with breast cancer - If you are purchasing this for a friend, a family member who went through or battled with breast cancer, we have options for custom greeting cards, do share with us your lovely message and we will include it into the special package :)