Hosanna Series - 1.0 Anew



Every evening, I sit at my balcony in awe witnessing the golden hour glimmer over the beauty of my suroundings.  It is a reminder of the golden moments in life and the stories those moments tell.
During this season of immense change, there have been moments of loss and uncertainty.  But as I navigate through moments of stillness, I am reminded to find joy and comfort in simplicity.  The sun never sets without bringing a new dawn and there is hope and assurance in that knowledge.
We spend so much of our time looking at the future, at what's next, that we forget how precious the current moment is.  If we don't take the time to cherish the little things, we run the risk of losing sight of them altogether.
With this series, we invite you reconnect with your heart and renew yourself through the hues of our genesis - blue skies, fertile earth, endless oceans, and golden hour - blessings to remind us of a Greater Love.